Sunday 9 August 2020


I love trail running and want to share my knowledge of tips and techniques, I will tell you everything I have learned over the years. All of the strength work has been specifically designed in conjunction with some of the country’s most knowledgeable physiotherapists to reduce your chance of injury.

A bit about your Trail Running Coach

1st Female 4th overall – Ultra Trail Gold Coast 500km
1st Female 3rd overall – Down Under 135miler (225km)
1st Female and course record – Anzac Ultra 150km Solo 
1st Female and course record – Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam (137km) 

I have run and competed in multiple events across the country and have in-depth knowledge and passion for trail running. Passing on this knowledge is also a passion of mine, I enjoy nothing more than helping and watching people smash their goals. 

The Workshop

This workshop will be completely different from other running workshops that have been run in the Newcastle region. We will be covering different topics and going through techniques targeted specifically towards trail running.

Designed to be fun, informal, interactive and useful to those from a newbie just starting out to accomplished athletes looking to reinforce or freshen up their technique and all those in between.

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Topics Covered

Performance Mindset

  • goal setting
  • reverse engineering
  • mental strength


  • running techniques
  • video analysis
  • hiking techniques
  • specific trail running techniques covering both downhill & uphill
  • full body strength session

We will be running approximately 3 to 5km of the mixed trail, this will not be fast and will be more a stop-start so we can do some practical work out on the trail


  • compulsory gear
  • Emergency and Trail Apps
  • Packs
  • Wet weather gear
  • Thermal wear
  • Shoes
  • Gaiters
  • Poles
  • head torch
  • plus much more

For those who have signed up to compete in Ultra Trail Australia (UTA)100km event and / or Brisbane Trail Ultra (BTU), save time and unnecessary nervous energy by having your gear conveniently inspected at the workshop.
All complying gear will be issued with an official UTA/BTU Gear Checked Certificate
If you have packs and gear please bring along so we can see different styles, this is a great opportunity for those new to trail running to see and discuss. You can share what you like about that particular piece of gear or equipment, even see, feel or try a piece of gear out before you buy.

Plenty of opportunity for Q&A, anything you want to know that hasn’t already been mentioned, if you want to know what to do about cramping or sleep deprivation training etc then please make sure you ask
Even better send me a message beforehand to make sure I cover it for you.

Please Bring
Towel or yoga mat
Wear running gear 
Wear or bring trail/running shoes
Your next race goal so we can go through it
Pen and paper if you are a note taker

Workshop Price: $65

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Mount Sugarloaf Lookout, Mount Sugarloaf Road, NSW

Date: Sunday 9 August

If you can please book well in advance as the first 2 workshops sold out very quickly

Time: 8 am finishing around 2 pm (TBC)

A little bit more about the presenter and qualified running coach (me) Karen Barrett

I have gone from giving up a 2 pack a day smoking habit at the age of 40.
Ran my first 5km at 41 and my first marathon at 42 to an elite athlete and setting my first-course record at age 45.
At 48 I became the first and only female to finish the Down Under 135miler in the history of the event and am now considered to be one of the best endurance athletes in Australia

Ultra Trail Gold Coast 500km 1st Female 4th overall
Down Under 135miler 1st Female 3rd overall
Anzac Ultra 150km Solo 1st Female and course record
Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam 1st Female and course record
UTA100 Silver Buckle Finisher
Bilpin Sort Course 2nd Female
Bilpin Long Course 3rd Female
Tamworth 45km Ultra 1st Female and course record
Walka 100km Ultra 1st Female and course record
Blackall100km Ultra 5th Female and 10th overall
Dungog half marathon First overall
Surf Coast Century 50km 8th Female 2nd in category

PMB Hardrock 6hr MTB First Female (pairs event)

Ambassador for Down Under 135miler and Brisbane Trail Ultra 100miler

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Registration Refunds

If you have registered and then find yourself in a situation where you are unable to participate you are more than welcome to on-sell your entry. There is no admin fee, funds have already been allocated to the running of this event, therefore, we are unable to give refunds. More than happy to hold & transfer your registration to a future workshop.