I am really excited to be able to add another dog-friendly event to the calendar.

Location: 295 River Road, The Branch

(Near Stroud NSW)

If you have been lucky enough to come to our Riverwood event then you are going to love this one just as much if not more. Although this will be smaller and a variety of accommodation is not available, the fun of camping on the river flat under the stars is.

Camping on this beautiful private property is only available during times of our events, it is not open to the public any other time of the year so take the opportunity to enjoy while you can.


Event Prices

1 Mile Dash for Cash
$12 Adults
$10 Child (human and K9) Lol

$20 Adult
$10 Child (human and K9)

$40 Adult
$20 Child (human)
$10 Pups

Weekend Camping
Fee is $20 per vehicle per night or day parking $5 payable by cash at the gate
Arrival and departure times are as follows
Friday: please arrive between 1pm and 5pm at the latest
Saturday: arrive between 7am and 9am
Sunday departure time: 3pm


Q. Can I pre-run the course
A. NO, this is private property and ONLY open during times of an event

Q. Can I come camping during public holidays
A. NO this is a Private Property and you would need to pre-arrange with the property owner

Q. So if I was to camp during the event, does the campsite have power and water
A. No, you will need to be completely self-sufficient

Q. Will there be toilets
A. Yes, of course. We will hire porta-loos for the event

Q. Will there be water and electrolytes on course for the event
A. YES, we will have drums of freshwater and Tailwind available

Q. Will there be those plastic clamshell pools of water for the dogs to cool down in
A. No, there is a river and a dam they can cool off in

Q. I have registered and can no longer participate, can I get a refund, please
A. If you have registered and then find yourself in a situation where you are unable to participate you are more than welcome to on-sell your entry. There is no admin fee, funds have already been allocated to the running of this event, we do not make any money out of this event, therefore, we are unable to give refunds.
We are more than happy to hold your registration over to next year.