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Australia’s most unique timed  trail running event where the whole family can enter, including the family dog.

Some of us train every day with our four legged training partners and then when the event comes around we have to leave them behind, well not anymore, finally an event where you can enter and run with your dog.

But if you don’t have a dog that’s okay, we know lots of people who love dogs but their lifestyle doesn’t allow them to accommodate a dog, everyone is welcome

We are the Happiest Event in Australia, how can you run with dogs and not be happy, they run with such joy and the thing I love about happiness and joy is, it’s contagious

The timed events for the 15km, 30km, 55km will be held on Saturday 24 July. The Family 4km Fun Run will be held on the Sunday morning 25 July 2021.

Everyone gets a finishers medal including your dog.

Registration Here


Riverwood Downs is a magnificent, multi award winning 750 acre property on the banks of a mountain river in the foothills of Barrington Tops “World Heritage Wilderness”. It is located in a beautiful rural area known as the Monkerai Valley between the towns of Stroud and Gloucester.

Enjoy the 750 acres and 5km of mountain river frontage. Explore the property’s shady walking trails, tall mountains and cool fresh mountain pools.  Experience this peaceful setting, with fresh air, bright stars, abundant wildlife, crackling log fires, friendly staff and relaxed country hospitality.

Very IMPORTANT that when you ring to book your dog friendly accommodation that you let reception know that you are attending the event. On their website it shows that they are booked out because they are holding the property for all entrants, family and friends. You MUST CALL, you can not book directly from the website.

1800 809 772

To have a look at accommodation options prior to calling here is the link for details Riverwood Downs

Event Prices

Dog Registration Price All Distances $15 (early bird entry $10)

15km Adult Individual $45 (early bird entry $35)
15km Junior Under 16yo $30 (early bird entry $20)

30km Adult individual $65 (early bird entry $55)
30km Junior Under 16yo $45 (early bird entry $35)

55km Adult individual $85 (early bird entry $75)

4km fun run individual $20 (early bird entry $15)
4km Junior Under 12 to 16yo $15 (early bird entry $10)
Kids under 12yo are FREE

Please remember to keep your dog on a lead…
See you all there!!
Don’t forget  there is no EFTPOS, (limited wireless service) bring cash if you want to do a last minute registration


Bib pick up and on the Day Registrations available at the Bunkhouse

Friday: 5pm – 7pm Friday Bib pick up


7:00am 55km Bib pick up

7:20am 55km Course Briefing

7:30am 55km Race start

7:40am Bib pick up for 4km, 15km & 30 km

8:25am 30km Course Briefing

8:30am 30km Race start

8:40am 15km Course Briefing

8:45am 15km Race start

Presentation at the Bunkhouse near the Start/Finish

12:30 (approx.) 15km Trophy Presentation

1:00 (approx.) 30km Trophy Presentation

1:30 (approx) Volunteer Presentation

2:00 (approx.) 55km Trophy Presentation


8:00am Bib pick up

8:25am 4km Course Briefing

8:30am 4km Fun Run Start

Presentation at the Bunkhouse near the Start/Finish

9:35am Volunteer and 4km Trophy Presentation

Keep up to date by joining us on the Facebook page

COVID Safety

To ensure this event operates safely and can continue for many years to come , please be kind and courteous by following a few rules in compliance with the strict COVID -Safe Health Plans

  • As much as the race director and runners, in general, are huggers, this will be avoided as best as possible
  • Use your common sense, if you are unwell, or have recently returned from overseas/high-risk areas in Victoria we ask you to please not attend
  • We will ask you to self-seed and maintain the 1.5m rule over the entire weekend.
  • We will have hand sanitizer at aid stations, sign on and bib pick up so please use it
  • Bring your own nutrition and hydration


 1. You will need to bring either hydration packs with bladders or water bottles. Tailwind will be available on course but feel free to bring your nutrition of choice.
2. A thermal is highly recommended- you might be starting off in one anyway as the morning temp may be chilly. Use common sense.… If rain is due (it’s not so far) then put a light waterproof jacket in.
3. If you feel you may be walking and tend to feel the cold then by all means put in some gloves. Last weekend we walked the course and while we started in longs and thermals we ended in shorts and long tops. The temp was 5-18deg.
We won’t be checking bags for gear, but we recommend you look after yourselves and your best mates and be prepared. This is a fun event. We promise! (Hope you like wet feet, yikes)

Please make sure you have liked the Riverwood  Trail Run Facebook page as we are regularly updating the event on there.

Is there a drink station on course?

This is a no cup event so you must bring your own drink bottle, hydration pack. Tailwind is available at the drink stations depending on which event you have entered they are located at approximately 5km, 9km, 15km. As the course loops around you will pass these locations again for the 30km, the first station stretches out to 6.5 on the 55km course.

Please bring your own nutrition if required.

Maditory Gear

You will need a bladder for water or water bottles, a waterproof jacket if the weather looks a bit iffy and a thermal is highly recommended. We won’t be checking packs, this event is relying on general common sense for participants and their dogs. There are plenty of River frontage and dams for the dogs to drink from and cool off in. Fingers crossed for good weather!


We want this to be a fun event and tried to make the course a challenge without being overly ridiculous on the elevation. So depending on the brand of watch and the setting you have it on you can get approximately 336m gain for the 15km, 672m gain for the 30km and 2155m for the 55km. The little climbs are short and sharp.

Registration Refunds

If you have registered and then find yourself in a situation where you are unable to participate you are more than welcome to on-sell your entry. There is no admin fee, funds have already been allocated to the running of this event, we do not make any money out of this event, therefore, we are unable to give refunds

Where do I stay?

Riverwood Downs offers a unique country experience, catering to everyone’s accommodation requirements – Spa Cabins and a River Cottage nestled in the bird corridor of the riverbank, 4 Star Boutique Rooms – motel style rooms with ensuites or spas, Self Contained Park Cabins, Bunkhouse Lodge (a great budget style  accommodation for groups or individuals), Riverside and Parkland Camping.

Is there food available?

The property has a licensed Restaurant, the Barrington Bar and  Grill; open most days for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, catering for couples, families and functions.
The restaurant even caters for the family dog and has its very own menu with gourmet meals on offer.

Are there any other activities we can do during our stay?

Activities on the property include  Horse Riding, Swimming (Pool and River), Canoeing, Bushwalking, half-court Tennis and Games Room.

By entering and confirmation of entry fee for this event is an acknowledgement that you have read and understood the waiver

Acknowledgement, Release and Indemnity

This is an important document which affects your legal rights and obligations. You must read it carefully prior to entering the event. During online entry, you must tick a box to confirm you have read and understood this form.

In consideration of Tail Runner Events (the “Event Organisers”) accepting my participation in any of the

Trail running events to be held at Riverwood Downs, Upper Monkerai on 25 & 26 July 2020 (the “Event”) I agree to this release of claims, waiver of liability and assumption of risk.

  1. I will attend the Competitor Briefing relating to the Event on the morning prior to race start time.
  2. The Event Organisers may, at their sole discretion, refuse entry or cancel an entry (with full refund) to any person for any reason whatsoever.
  3. I understand the demanding physical nature of the Event. I declare, as a condition of entry to the Event, that I have sufficiently trained for this Event and that I am not aware of any illness, injury or any other physical disability which may cause me injury or death whilst participating in the Event.
  4. In the event that I become aware of any medical condition or impairment, or am otherwise sick or injured prior to or during the Event, I will withdraw from the Event.
  5. I acknowledge that participating in any trail running event can be a dangerous activity and that by such participation I am exposed to certain risks. I acknowledge that the enjoyment of trail running is derived in part from the inherent risks and exertion beyond the accepted safety of life at home or at work and that these inherent risks contribute to such enjoyment and is a reason for my participation in the Event.
  6. I acknowledge and understand that whilst participating in the Event:
  • I may be injured, physically or mentally, or may die from various causes including, but not limited to, overexertion, dehydration, cardiac arrest, slips, trips or falls, accidents with other participants, spectators and road users, or accidents caused by my own actions;
  • My personal property may be lost or damaged;
  • I may cause injury to other persons or damage their property;
  • The conditions in which the Event is conducted may vary without warning;
  • I may be in a remote or isolated location where access to medical support may be limited and take significant time to reach me;
  • There may be no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of me if I am injured;
  • I assume the risk and responsibility for any injury, death or property damage resulting from my participation in the Event
  1. I agree that if I am injured or require medical assistance, the Event Organisers may, at my cost, arrange medical treatment and emergency evacuation as deemed necessary by the Event Organisers. I agree that I am responsible for my own medical and ambulance insurance cover.
  2. I agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Event Organisers, its officers, employees, agents, volunteers, contractors, public bodies, landholders and sponsors, from and against any and all claims, demands, right or cause of action, suits, expenses, costs and proceedings of any nature whatsoever which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property as a result of my entry or participation in the Event whether by negligence, breach of contract or in any way whatsoever.
  3. I also agree that in the event I am injured or my property is damaged, I will bring no claim, legal or otherwise, against the Event Organisers in respect to that injury or damage.
  4. I understand that my medical history and personal information, collected as part of the entry process for the Event will be made available to the event medical team and operations team. It will only be used to help staff look after me if I need help and care. If I am evacuated from the event by Emergency Services, this personal information plus any new data entered by event staff will be supplied to the Emergency Services staff to enable my continued care.
  5. I agree to allow my name, results, photographs, videos, and multimedia or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by Tail Runner, the sponsors, event partners, or assigns without payment or compensation.
  6. I acknowledge that my image may be taken by an Event photographer and that Event photographer may contact me to offer for sale images of me at the Event.
  7. I agree to abide by the Event rules and the directions of all Event officials.
  8. I acknowledge that the Event Organisers may change the advertised course without notice if the Event
  9. I MUST have FUN

Organisers deem this necessary. I also acknowledge that the Event Organisers may cancel the Event due to weather conditions, safety considerations, terrorism or ‘acts of god’ and that in such circumstances my entry fee will be non-refundable.

Name: __________________________________________ Signed: ________________________ Date: __________

If under 18years: Guardian Name: ______________________________ Guardian signature: ___________________


By signing this form, I have voluntarily requested to participate in an event at The Riverwood Downs, Upper Monkerai. I assert that I own, harbour, or have custody of a dog attending the event hosted by Tail Runner, 25 & 26 July 2020. I understand that I assume all responsibility for my pet and its behaviour/conduct during this event. I understand that my actions or my dog’s actions may result in anticipated or unanticipated injuries and damage to myself and others, including my dog, as well as others and their dogs. Riverwood Downs and Tail Runner reserve the right to deny any dog or human entrance to the event for any reason they see fit. I also understand that Tail Runner, or any of its official event volunteers, reserve the right to ask me to leave this event for any reason.

I agree to abide by the following rules and regulations as set forth by Tail Runner and Riverwood Downs. Failure to do so will result in removal from the event without refund.

  • Participants are expected to practice responsible pet ownership.
  • All dogs must be leashed, hands-free leash is preferable (no retractable leashes).
  • Be wearing a collar with identification tag
  • Be socialised and non-aggressive toward people or other dogs
  • Dogs must remain within 1.2m of its owner at all times, unless dog is left with an official Tail Runner event volunteer.
  • Dogs are current on all vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian.
  • Required vaccinations include: Distemper / Hepatitis / Parvovirus / Parainfluenza / Bordetella / Kennel Cough
  • Please come prepared to clean up after your dog.
  • *No unaltered dogs will be permitted. All dogs must be spayed/neutered.
  • ****UNLESS a registered breeder / Show Dog**** Please be prepared to provide paperwork****
  • Must not be on heat / in season
  • Must not be in its 2nd trimester of pregnancy
  • Has not whelped within 6 weeks or less
  • Be reasonably fit and exercised regularly in the lead up to the event.
  • Must not be carrying an injury or in such an unhealthy condition as to bring discredit to the sport.
  • No puppies will be allowed entry to the event. Dogs must be over 4 months in age to gain entry. Owners should be prepared to prove age of dogs if questioned by official Tail Runner event volunteers.

I assume all risks for injuries and damages sustained as a result of the manner and method by which this event is administered. Tail Runner Events and Riverwood Downs are fully released from liability and I discharge them from any and all responsibility, claims, demands, or causes of action of any kind arising from any injuries or damages incurred to me or my dog during this event, regardless of who causes the injury or damage sustained, and regardless of basis in fault or negligence. I understand that my dog will not be allowed admittance unless and until I agree to assume full responsibility for the actions of my dog. I also grant Tail Runner the perpetual right to use for publicity or promotional purposes my name and pictures of me and my dog or dogs in any media without any liability or obligation to me.

I have read this waiver, and I am competent and of legal age to sign the waiver with full understanding of the above information.

Name: __________________________________________ Signed: ________________________ Date: __________

If under 18years: Guardian Name: ______________________________ Guardian signature: ___________________