***2020 has been Cancelled and will be Rescheduled for 2021****

17 October 2020

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This event always sells out in a couple of hours, mainly because I only ever have a maximum of 25pp and secondly because it is so much fun.

Somewhere near Holmesville / Kurri or Stroud NSW

This one is totally unique to Australia. I can guarantee there is no other like this event currently in Australia.

It is an Ultra and requirements are that competitors invited must be able to complete a minimum of 70km trail in 10 hours, you may end up running over 100km so it will depend on your navigation skills and meeting all race briefing.
You will not know the course or event rules until you toe the start line, but if I was to say it is inspired by ……………………………………

Only 25 tickets avaliable

Price includes BBQ, Beer and part or whole finishers medal depending on how far you get

“One of the most fun events I have run. Definitely the most unique. 
5 separate loops, 12-20km each, mostly single trail, about 2km of fire trail, and 10 hours to do as much as you can. Last year one person chose to stop after 4 hours. 
A book and an idol are hidden in each loop. Rip a page out of the book and get a selfie with the idol – that’s your proof of completing the loop. 
If you have a fit pooch, they’re welcome to run with you 
The most amazing handcrafted medal and you earn a piece of it with every loop you complete. 
This is an elite event…not that you need to be an elite runner, but it is a very small field. The wet weather has scared a few pussy cats away and injury some others. So if anyone is interested in a last-minute entry to the most enjoyable event you will do then give me a yell. Or Karen Barrett, race director, is tagged in this post. 
Start is 7am and it’s local to Mt Sugarloaf and surrounds. “

Anthony Campbell 05 October 2018

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