12 October 2019


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This event always sells out in a couple of hours, mainly because I only ever have a maximum of 25pp and secondly because it is so much fun.

“One of the most fun event I have run. Definitely the most unique. 
6 separate loops, 12-20km each, mostly single trail, about 2km of firetrail, and 10 hours to do as much as you can. Last year one person chose to stop after 4 hours. 
A book and an idol are hidden on each loop. Rip a page out of the book and get a selfie with the idol – that’s your proof of completing the loop. 
If you have a fit pooch, they’re welcome to run with you 
The most amazing handcrafted medal and you earn a piece of it with every loop you complete. 
This is an elite event…not that you need to be an elite runner, but it is a very small field. The wet weather has scared a few pussy cats away and injury some others. So if anyone is interested in a last minute entry to the most enjoyable event you will do then give me a yell. Or Karen Barrett, race director, is tagged in this post. 
Start is 7am and it’s local to Mt Sugarloaf and surrounds. “

Anthony Campbell 05 October 2018

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